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Sugar Free Bacon Canada

Sugar Free Bacon Canada

At McClean Meats, we sell sugar-free bacon in Canada, which is a healthier version of regular bacon. Our range of cured meats is perfect for those on diets and for those trying to cut down their daily calorie intake

Are deli meats bad for you?

The credibility of deli meats largely depends on what kind you buy, where you buy, and the type of deli. Look for deli meats that are low in sodium. Look at the label to find out if whether it is free of antibiotics. You also want to find a brand that offers meats with no added sugar. Focus on finding a brand that produces nitrite-free meats, as consumption of nitrates in the long-term can cause serious illnesses.

Furthermore, purchase unprocessed meats as processed meats are strongly advocated to cause chronic diseases. Another healthy way to use deli meats is to use it in recipes other than just sandwiches. For instance, try to add deli meats to your salads, kebabs, soups, etc. Sometimes the deli itself isn't what's bad for your health; it's what you eat it with that makes all the difference. Enjoying deli meats once a while is harmless, and lean meats like turkey and chicken delis are excellent sources of protein. We sell the best quality sugar-free bacon in Canada that is healthy and 100% preservative-free.

Creative ways to use deli meat

There are several ways in which you can spruce up your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with something as simple as a slice of luncheon meat. Some of them include:

  • Scrambled egg with lunch and veggies
  • Mediterranean salad with pasta and deli meat
  • Veggie soup with deli meat
  • Pizzas with deli meat toppings
  • Cold cut salad, etc.

Above mentioned recipes are just for inspiration. You can get creative in several other ways with cold cuts. We have a whole list of exciting and delectable recipes that uses deli meat listed on our website.

Tips for buying deli meats

Deli meats are simple, easy, and quick-fix meal options that you can add to any recipe from sandwiches and salads to burgers and pizzas. Some important points to remember before buying deli meats are:

  • Order the most natural meat - Try to buy meat that is least processed and most fresh. Pick whole cut meat even if they are a tad bit pricier than other kinds of meats.
  • Buy low sodium - Low sodium meats are a safer option as they do not cause water retention. High-sodium foods can cause bloating, increase your blood pressure, cause weight gain, etc.
  • Choose nitrate-free ham - Most of the deli meats are processed and contain nitrates and nitrites. Nitrites give cured meats the pink color and preserve meat from bacteria and microbes. However, the amino acid in your digestive tract reacts with nitrites in the meat to form carcinogens. Carcinogens in your body can increase your risk for several types of cancers.

Buy a pack of our healthy, tasty, and fresh sugar-free bacon in Canada today from a store near you. At McClean Meats, we focus on maintaining quality, consistency, and affordability.

Sugar Free Bacon Canada
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Sugar Free Bacon Canada Sugar Free Bacon Canada

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