From Poland to Vancouver

Chef Iwona takes pride in presenting you with delightful homemade Polish dishes. Raised in Poland as a little girl, she carefully watched her mother and grandmother cooking the most delicious meals with recipes passed on from generation to generation. Soon she began making her own creations using secret ingredients of her grandma, and quickly her passion became a true profession.

Now she is a talented and experienced chef eager to share her passion for food with you. She loves being creative and adds her magic spin to the dishes with Polish cousin core ingredients. This is what proudly distinguishes Izba from other restaurants you have ever visited.

Not only does Iwona introduce some traditional Polish dishes but she also brings with her to Izba the warmth and hospitality of Polish people. The sole name Izba is not just a random name but a carefully chosen word to capture what Izba Bistro stands for.

Izba is a Polish word meaning family and living room. Back in old Europe homes had only one room. It was here where family and friends gathered to take comfort with a hearth meal and great company. Iwona wants to invite you to a new modern version of an Izba in hope to deliver the same family atmosphere and delicious meals.

If you’re not familiar with Polish food we welcome you to try our most famous dishes in the Polish couture like perogies, cabbage rolls, schnitzel and much more.

Our ingredients are always fresh and ready to fulfill your appetite.